Cheetah Farm and Brandberg Mountains

After leaving Etosha and shopping along the way, we arrived at the cheetah farm early afternoon. The farm is home to 3 tame cheetahs and 22 wild ones. We were able to pet the tame ones and take photos with them. One of them took a liking to my flip flop and decided to try and eat it. I got it back eventually, but it is now covered in teeth marks.

The wild cheetahs were in a much larger enclosure. We stood on the back of a flat bed truck and were driven into the enclosure. After waiting for the cheetahs to gather and allowing us to take some photos, our two guides got out of the truck and started throwing huge lumps of meat to the cheetahs. It was good to see some cheetahs close up, because before this, I they were one of the few animals that I had only seen from a great distance. I think I took more photos here than in any other place.


Finally, we were able to watch the feeding of some cubs and their mother in a separate enclosure. The cubs were very cute.

Cheetah cub

That evening we were celebrating Kellie’s birthday. We had a barbecue feast for dinner, then drank some of our own drinks round the fire. We then moved to the bar and partied all night. The owners of the farm and some of their friends joined in.

The next day, we had quite an easy drive with several stops along the way. The first stop was at a Himba village. The Himba are a tribe in Namibia who stll do a lot of things in traditional ways. The women paint their bodies with red ocre which gives them a very striking appearance. While being guided round the village we were taught quite a lot about the culture.


Our last stop was at Brandberg mountains. We walked along a dry river bed for 45 minutes each way, to see some ancient rock paintings known as the white lady. The paintings themselves were not especially exciting, but the views of the mountains during the walk were stunning.

That evening we free camped a short distance from the mountains. It was a really cool place to camp, despite the complete lack of facilities. Earlier in the day, we had purchased some kudu and oryx steaks which made for an excellent dinner.

Earlier today we stopped off at the Cape Cross seal colony. The first thing we noticed when getting out of the truck was the stench of what was presumably rotting fish on the seals breath. The colony was really cool to see though. In the space of a few hundred meters along the coast there were 1000s of seals.

I had thought that the last two days would amount to little more than driving, but they have actually turned out to be really cool. We are now in Swakopmund which is the adrenalin capital of Namibia. Earlier this afternoon I booked myself on sand-boarding, skydiving and quad-biking trips!

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