Two Countries Left

Its 8:30am and we have already been driving for two and a half hours and crossed the border from Botswana to Namibia. We got up at 5am this morning and won’t arrive at camp until 6pm. Its going to be a long driving day!

After leaving Maun, we had quite a long drive to our next campsite located right at the foot of the Tsodilo Hills. On the way we stopped at a shell shop which was the last opportunity we had to spend and remaining Pula. Apparently, it is not possible to exchange the Botswanan currency in Namibia. We also passed 13 towns which were curiously labeled Etsha 1 to 13 on the map. I will have to look them up when I get back.

The campsite at the Tsodilo Hills was very basic, but it was in a cool location. Right at the base if the hills which are part of many legends. Shortly after arriving, some of us set off on a guided walk to see some very old paintings on the rocks. Part way through the walk, Cian, Greg, Brad, Richie and I left the group so the we could climb higher up the hills. It was quite a difficult climb, but it was worth it, because we reached one of the peaks and the views were excellent.

Tsodilo Hills

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