Victoria Falls

For the last 3 days we have been staying in Livingstone in Zambia which is about 10km from Victoria Falls. The last 2 days were action packed and today I am having a bit of a chill day.

There are so many things to do in the area that it is impossible to do everything. Everyone has been doing different activities depending on what they prefer. It has been good hearing stories of what other people have done, including skydiving, bunji jumps, helicopter rides, elephant safaris and lion walks. Some of those activities were too expensive for my budget, but like many of the places we have visited, it has made me want to come back here one day.

On Sunday, seven people went white water rafting and I joined them for the day in a tandem kayak. Having already done white water rafting in Uganda on the Nile, I decided to try something a little different here. I am glad I did, because it was quite a different experience. I actually preferred it to rafting, because I felt a lot closer to the waves. It is less hard work paddling and a lot scarier. In the raft, you can kind of hide behind the edge of the boat, but in the kayak, you are really exposed to the waves. We did capsize quite a few times, but as the day went on, I got better at balancing up, and really enjoyed myself.

Yesterday, I did a full day of unlimited abseiling, flying fox, rap jump and gorge swing. Cian did a bunji jump first thing, and then joined me a little later. Abseiling was quite easy and not that thrilling. It was similar to what I do when I am climbing, just 5 times the height, outdoors and I controlled my own decent. A rap jump is lie abseiling, but you go down the cliff facing forwards. This is much more thrilling, but I only did it once, because the walk out of the gorge too about 25 minutes. The flying fox was quite gentle, but good fun too. You run for about 5 meters then dive off the edge of the cliff and feel like you are flying as you glide across the gorge on a cable. The added bonus with this one is you don’t have to climb back up the gorge. The gorge swing is the big one and by far the greatest thrill. You step off the edge of the gorge and freefall 54 meters before the rope kicks in and you swing back and forth in the gorge. I did this twice, first forwards and then backwards. On the second time, I jolted my back as the rope kicked in, so decided it would be best not to do that on again.

 Gorge Swing

We left the gorge swing site just after 3pm to get to the boat in time for our sunset booze cruise. For $40, we got dinner, snacks and an open bar for 3 hours. Needless to say, a lot was drunk! A funnel helped along the proceedings. There was no music on the boat, but one of the crew taught us some African songs to sing. We saw a really nice sunset from the boat, with elephants walking through the water in front. As the boat came in to dock, there was a rush for last orders at the free bar, but everyone seemed to get at least one last drink. We didn’t stay in the bar at the dock for long because it was quite expensive. Instead, we came back to the campsite, where we partied for the rest of the night. This must have been the most drunken night of the tour so far, and it was great fun!

As I said earlier, I am having a bit of a chill day today. A bit later, I will probably walk into town to use the internet to upload these posts and do a bit of shopping. There is a pool at the campsite which I will probably end up swimming in later.

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