After a few driving days, we had travelled from South Luangua to the edge of Lake Kariba. There we boarded the houseboat, where we stayed for the last two nights. The drive was not particularly eventful. We stayed in the same campsite in Chipata, before a very long driving day to reach Lusaka, capital of Zambia. In Lusaka, we stopped at an out of town shopping park which seemed to be very exclusive. It was full of muzungus and very well dressed locals. It was a good shopping centre though, which gave us chance to stock up on a few supplies. That night we stayed at a campsite with zebra roaming the grounds. There was also two satellite TVs and I watched England beat Croatia 4-1 in the world cup qualifiers.

The next day we headed to the houseboat at Sinazongwe on the shore of Lake Kariba. The boat had 3 decks, 30 beds, a bar and a plunge pool. I stayed in and en suite quad room with Cian and Joe. The spare mattress went onto the sun deck to provide extra space to lie down. The bar operated on an honesty basis. Each time we took a drink, we marked it down next to our name. This worked well, and by the end of the trip, there were only 4 beers missing. The cost was just split between everyone.


The boat also had two cooks. We provided them with food for the group, and they cooked it all for us. They also did the washing up and cleaning for us so it felt like a holiday from our holiday.

The first night was a big one. As well as drinking from the bar, most people he brought some of their own drinks onto the boat. We hooked up our ipods to the boats sound system. There was a lot of dancing and singing along, a water fight and nakedness of the wrong kind.

The next night most of us got up early because we were supposed to be doing a game walk on the island where we were docked. This was not easy for some after the night before. Rather annoyingly, the guides did not turn up, so we could not do the walk.

Later in the day, we cruised to another small island with a beach. Some people went fishing and caught a few fish which were given to the cooks to prepare for extra food for dinner. Six of us went out on the smaller tender boat to view elephants from the water. We saw them drinking from the lake and then throwing sand over themselves.

That evening we had quite a different night. We lit a campfire on the beach and sat round that the whole evening. We haven’t had as many camp fires as I would have expected, but maybe that makes them a bit more special when we do have them. 

Beach Campfire

We are now on our way to Livingstone, which is the nearest town to the Zambian side of Victoria Falls. The area is one of the adrenalin capitals of Africa which many options available. I haven’t decided exactly what I will do yet. We also lose some people from the truck there and gain more new people.

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