Its day 35 of my 67 day tour, so I’m now over half way though it. There’s still plenty to come though, including Victoria Falls in Zambia, the Okavango Delta in Botswana, Etosha National Park in Namibia, Cape Town in South Africa and much much more!

For the last two nights we have been staying in Kande on the edge of Lake Malawi. We will stay here tonight as well. It is hard to believe that this is actually the edge of a lake rather than the sea. There is a beautiful white sand beach which stretches for miles in either direction. There are also waves breaking on the beach, some of which were probably almost a meter high yesterday.

Yesterday morning I set out for a walk along the beach, but didn’t get far before bumping into two locals calling themselves Mr Giraffe and Georgey-Porgey. They asked if I would come with them to see some of their wood carvings and paintings. I didn’t have much else to do so I obliged. After looking at their small shop near the campsite, I requested they tae me to the local village where I knew there were more shops.

As we were walking along I asked all sorts of questions about the things we saw. One of the sights I found most interesting was a lady catching lake flies from near a tree using a basket on the end of a very long bamboo pole. They catch millions of these tiny flies, then cook and eat them. A nearby guy grabbed a handful and showed me how they are very soft so they can be squashed into a paste and then rolled into balls to cook.

I ordered two items from these guys; a custom hand painted T-shirt and a carved wooden board for a traditional local game. Georgey-Porgey also taught me how to play the game. I beat him twice, but I suspect he may have been going easy on me to encourage my purchase. I only haggled a little bit over the price of these items. As a result, I probably paid slightly over the odds, but that was kind of deliberate in recognition of all the interesting information they gave me along the way. They were also still very good prices by UK standards. I will collect my purchases later today.

Later in the afternoon Tara and I hired some flippers and swam out to a small rocky island 800m off the shore. It was much harder swimming out than it was swimming back, as we had the waves helping us on the way back. There wasn’t a lot to see on the island, but it was nice to just sit there and enjoy the view. There were some rocks with deep water below which we jumped off a few times before swimming back.

Throughout the day yesterday, we had a whole pig on a spit roast. By the evening it was cooked and it tasted amazing! One of the best meals we have had on tour. Before we sat down to eat, we all changed into our fancy dress costumes for the evening. We had purchased them in a flea market in Mzuzu on the way here from Luwawa. The theme was cross dressing. Everyone had made an impressive effort and it was a very entertaining night. My personal costume involved a formal light blue dress and a wig mad from a mop.


Fancy Dress

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