Masai Mara

Early on Thursday morning we left Naivasha and set off for the Masai Mara. Just before we arrived at the national park we stopped at a traditional Masai village. The danced for us and told us about how the live. They are a nomadic tribe who eat only meat, milk and blood from cattle. They do not grow nay crops. The village we visited consisted of 72 people all from the same family who lived in a ring of mud huts. The huts are almost completely dark inside and very small. The Masai allegedly reject all modern technology, however it seemed that this may not be entirely true. For example the villager who showed us around was wearing a digital watch. They clearly make a lot of money from tourists which is used to send their children to school.

Jumping with Masai

A few minutes drive from the village and we were in the national park. The Masai Mara is huge, and it is joined to the Serengeti in Tanzania which is even bigger. We visited at the time that the migration of wilder beast and zebra was in the Masai Mara. There are something like 1.4 million of these animals which migrate around the Masai Mara and Serengeti in a yearly cycle. We saw 1000s of them in the park. Sometimes they were just grazing in herds and sometimes they were running in single file lines of hundreds.

We also saw many other animals in the parks, some which we had already seen in Lake Nakuru and others which were new. The new ones included lions, elephants and crocodiles. At times we were only a few meters from them. We saw a lioness chasing wilder beast and 2 lions mating.


We camped in the park again last night but this time we were in a campsite and we had some Masai guards. Apparently hyena entered the campsite during the night!

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