After another driving day yesterday, we arrived in Kisoro in the afternoon. The town is quite small, but its only 11-12km to both the DRC and Rwanda borders. On the way we reached altitudes of 8000ft through very picturesque mountains.

Last night we had a few beers at the campsite and then a big group of us went to a bar recommended by a guy called Joseph who works at the campsite. The bar was vary small but had a pool table. We met lots of locals there and played a few games of pool. After the bar, 6 of us and a couple of locals continued to a club. The club was almost empty when we arrived, but soon filled up. I had a more beers, met more locals, had a great time and didn’t get back to the campsite until 4am!

Feeling slightly hungover this morning, I didn’t do much more than hang around the campsite and have a short wander into town. In the afternoon I took a walk up to the top of a nearby hill with Rick and Robin. The views were really good, despite being an unusually misty day.

Some people went to see the gorillas today. They got back while I was writing this post. They said it was awesome, but will save showing photos until after we have seen them. I can’t wait!

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