First day with the truck

Last night I met up with my tour group for the rest of my trip. They all seem like nice friendly people. 14 guys and 14 girls. Lots of Aussies and Kiwis, a few Brits and a couple of Irish, including Cian, with whom I am sharing my tent. I am one of the youngest on the tour, which I am slightly surprised about because I thought there would be more pre-uni gap year travelers. Almost everyone here is traveling as a career break.

We met at the campsite in Entebbe, stayed there for the night and then drove to Kampala to pick up supplies. As Jez expected, we did this at Lugogo shopping mall which is 5 mins from his house. The same place I had been to earlier in the week.

We are now camping in Mbarara on our way down to see the gorillas in Rwanda. It was a long day of driving, but there was lots to see along the way, including zebra not far from the road.

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