Crater Lakes

From 23/07/2008

I got up early this morning in time for my hotel breakfast. They served Spanish omelet, toast, fruit, tea, coffee and juice. The Spanish omelet was not a proper Spanish omelet as it did not contain potato, but still tasty. However, the toast was awful!

The other reason for getting up early was to find some people to join for a day out. I was successful in this and found an Italian guy and his Ugandan girlfriend who were happy for me to join them on their trip to the crater lakes. I wasn’t sure about joining a couple, but it actually worked out quite well for them as they got to spend more time together, while i occupied the guide. They also paid less with a third person.

The crater lakes was a short drive from the hotel along a dirt road with lots of things to see along the way. Our guide took us to several lakes and a small village where we got out to have a look around. The main lake at which we stopped was Lake Nkurba. Around this lake were groups of habituated black and white colobus and red colobus. I have some great photos of these primates which add to this post when I can.

Black and White Colubus

At the cafe near the lakes I also tried matoke which is a staple food in Uganda. It is made from unripe bananas. It actually doesn’t taste like banana at all, but I still liked it. 🙂

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