Fort Portal

From Tuesday 22nd July

Jez and Heather both left early in the morning for separate 3 day business trips. Rather than stay at the house on my own, I arranged to get a lift with some of Jez’s colleagues out to the west of the country. They were travelling to a town called Kasese and I decided to be dropped off at a town called Fort Portal on the way. It was about 3 and a half hours drive from Kampala. The guys I travelled with were very friendly. In particular Enis, a guy from Kosovo who had worked with Jez in Kosovo and Afganistan previously, was very helpful. Charles was a local from Kasese who pointed out lots of interesting things along the way and had some suggestions of things I might like to do in the area.

The town is a good place to be, because it is in the middle of 3 national parks so there is lots to see in the area. I arrived without any hotel bookings, but I was able to get a room in my prefered hotel, albeit a double which I had to pay slightly more for. After a beer in the hotel bar, the others left. I was slightly disappointed by how quiet the hotel bar was. I was hoping there would be a few more travellers to meet. I did meet a guy there called Kismat who worked in the bar. He offered to take me out to see some to the local attractions later in the week.

The following photo is a view of the sunset over the Rwenzori mountains, as seen from the balcony of my hotel. Suburbs of Fort Portal can be seen in the forground.

Rwenzori Sunset

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