Hello from Uganda!

I arrived safely in Kampala last night, following a long day of travelling. Managed to sleep quite a lot on the flights though as didnt get any sleep the night before. The most impressive part of the journey was flying over the desert in Northern Africa. I think it was probably Libya specifically. There was just desert as far as I could see, for probably an hour or more, until it got a bit too cloudy to see.

Jez and Heather’s house in Kampala, Uganda

I am staying in the Kololo area of Kampala with my uncle, aunt and cousin, Jez, Heather and William. William is only 18 months old and smiles a lot! The house is very nice (see photo) and I have my own en suite room. The garden is great too, with banana, orange and mango trees, along with other strange looking plants and trees which I dont recognise and some weird birds which I am yet to photograph.

It was dark when I arrived, so I didnt see much, but this morning I went into town with Heather and William to a shopping centre and then for coffee. First impressions of the city are that it is a very busy place with lots going on, and I look forward to exploring properly later on.

Jez has gone to Nairobi for the day for a meeting, but he is going to help me plan some trips to other parts of the country during my stay. Hopefully I will be able to catch a ride with some of his colleagues who will be driving to various places while I am here.

I am going to play with William in the garden now, but I should be able to make some more blog posts over the best 2 weeks, as there is an internet connection at the house 🙂

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